Scheduled Classes - August 2016

We Need You

We need YOU!

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Gratiot County is searching for volunteers!

A CASA volunteer is a trained community volunteer appointed by a judge to speak up for the best interests of an abused, neglected or abandoned child involved in juvenile court proceedings. Bringing urgency to a child's needs both in and out of a courtroom, CASA volunteers advocate for safety, permanence and well-being for children through independent recommendations.

In Gratiot County we have a growing list of children in need of a volunteer advocate to ensure that they have a voice and that their needs are being met. Please consider volunteering your time to give a child in need hope.

Contact Child Advocacy for more information at
(989) 463-1422.

Lending Library


Child Advocacy’s Lending Library is a FREE educational resource!  It is designed for parents and caregivers with children birth to 5 years to encourage and enhance the learning experience at home, school, or child care. 

Items include:

Theme Totes: Themed Rubbermaid containers containing books, puzzles, hands on activities, and toys

Story Stretchers: Totes include a book, along with a toy(s) and/or CD to enhance the learning of the storybook.

Items are available to be checked out for a 2 week period FREE of charge.

Summer Safety Reminders

Summer Safety Reminders
By: Richelle Davis
Prevention Educator
As the school year winds down, so does the Protect Yourself Program. At the end of this year, the Protect Yourself program will have been taught to 920 students in Gratiot County. If you have a first or third grader in Gratiot County I have been in their classroom for a five week period teaching them a variety of lessons focused on empowering students on how to keep themselves safe.
The lessons consist of: strangers and dangerous situations, instincts, tricks and lures, good touch/bad touch, and who to tell. Once summer begins, many children's schedules change and they may be left alone, and may spend time with a variety of different people.  Please continue to discuss these issues with your child. 
The personal safety rules we teach every child are:
1.  Say "No"
2.  Get Away
3.  Tell Someone
These rules apply to strangers as well as sexual predators.  Your child has been taught that they are the "boss of their body", and to always tell someone if anyone gives them touches in their personal private body parts, hurtful touches, or unwanted touches.  It is important to reinforce these issues with your child and to make it an ongoing conversation.  Let's work together to ensure you and your child have a safe and fun-filled summer!


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