Children's Advocacy Center of Gratiot County

We believe that ALL CASES of suspected child abuse are investigated in a consistent, effective, and child-appropriate manner using a coordinated, multi-disciplinary team approach.


Forensic Interviewing - Children are interviewed in a safe, comfortable, child-friendly environment by a trained forensic interviewer. 

Victim Advocacy and Family Support - A family advocate provides crisis intervention, information, support, referrals, and access to other services. 

Follow-Up Services - A family advocate provides ongoing support and services to the child and/or family.

Specialized Mental Health Services - Referrals will be made to local mental health providers for counseling when appropriate.

Specialized Medical Evaluations and Treatment - Referrals will be made to medical providers when appropriate and assistance in scheduling appointments is available.

Accredited - The Children's Advocacy Center of Gratiot County is accredited by the National Children's Alliance.  


* To report suspected child abuse call Centralized Intake (CPS) (855) 444-3911



Audra Stahl - Executive Director Child Advocacy
Heather Therrien - Children's Advocacy Center Coordinator/Forensic Interviewer
Nicole Showers - Children's Advocacy Center Case Manager
Mallory Harrier - Children's Advocacy Center Intake Coordinator
Stacey Graham - Children's Advocacy Center Family Advocate
Michelle Bartnik - Children's Advocacy Center Family Advocate
Dept. of Health & Human Services - Gratiot County
Gratiot Integrated Health Network
Alma Police Dept.
Breckenridge Police Dept.
St. Louis Police Dept.
Michigan State Police
Gratiot County Sheriff's Department
Gratiot County Prosecutors Office
Dr. Francisco Lossio M.D. - Lossio Pediatrics
Helen DeVos Childrens Hospital - Center for Child Protection

For more information or to make a donation for the Children's Advocacy Center of Gratiot County, please contact Audra Stahl at (989) 463-1422 or